NAIL FUNGUS (Onychomycosis)
Nail fungus a very unattractive fungi that affects almost 23 million people around the world causing the toes or finger nails to be very hard, thick and even turn yellow. Lasers offer a proven, successful, non-invasive and exciting solution to eliminate the fungi that attacks nails, without damaging the existing nail and surrounding skin.   AFTERCARE click here.


The 1064nm Q-switch Yag laser kills the pathogens that cause the fungus with no pain or discomfort. The procedure only takes 10 minutes per nail and in clinical studies the laser has shown an 95% effective rate in only one session. The laser is aimed at the fungus in the nail and below (nail matrix) so that it vaporizes the fungi while leaving your skin unharmed. Significant improvements in the health and appearance of nails may be seen in as little as 4-6 weeks, but it typically takes 6-9 months for a nail to fully grow out, showing complete results.
Medications that are used for fungi treatment carry the possibility of kidney failure, but no negative reactions, contraindications or side effects have been found in clinical studies of laser treatment for nail fungus.Doctors recommend treating the full set to avoid reoccurrence, however we have seen great results treating individual nails. Further suggestions for changes you can make in your home to help with re-occurence will be given to you at your first visit.This treatment is not yet covered by most insurance plans.

Beautiful Laser has a 95% success rate with our Nail Fungus treatment, however, in
stubborn cases one or more follow-up treatments may be necessary.




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