Mikayla Wilson, CLS, PLHRT

Advanced Certification - C02 Fractional Resurfacing
Advanced Certification - Tattoo Removal
The Perfect Derma, VI Peels and Advanced Chemical Peels
Advanced Certification - Laser Teeth Whitening
Laser Safety Officer, Registered - State of Texas
Founder of Starlite Smile (LED teeth whitening products)

Mikayla studied directly under RMLC Director and Founder, Lorenzo (the Laserman) Kunze, an expert in the field of medical and aesthetic laser applications. She has advanced training for, and specializes in C02 Laser Fractional Resurfacing and The Perfect Derma Medical-Grade Medium-Depth Chemical Peels, studying under BLC's Medical Director, Dr. Victoria Zavala. She has personally performed over 5000 treatments for clients from all over the U.S., Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico and continues advancing her expertise by attending conferences, clinics and continuing education classes in laser, chemical peels, thermocoagulation, preventative nutrition, and general skin-care.



Steve Wilson, CLS
Chief Technical Officer (BA, Computer Science)
Chief Science Officer

Steve graduated magna cum laude from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, and is an expert in the fields of lasers, technology and electronics. He controls the safety and functionality of all of the advanced technology at Beautiful Laser and is the science and research officer, coordinating our cutting-edge information exchange with the Beautiful Laser Network (national off-site staff of laser experts and surgeons), and keeping all staff current on the newest and greatest advances in laser technology, innovation and safety.